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You can download the xLights layout files via this link: xLights Layout Template

The Sequence Armory is not allowed to provide, or distribute, any audio files to you, especially ones that are copyrighted – so don’t ask. You have access to the streaming video which has the audio embedded in it, so you can preview the sequence with the audio, however, you will be required to obtain the media on your own.

To either submit a sequence, or download a sequence, you’ll need to login with your existing Facebook account. We use Facebook because it is the easiest way for you to create a user account without having to create another user name and password for this website.

When you submit a sequence to us, we will review it to ensure it does not contain any copyrighted or commercial sequence materials, and screen it for content. When it passes our review, we will create a preview video for you, and post the sequence to the website. This is a manual review process so please be patient with us – we’ll email when your sequence is live on the site.

We have a zero tolerance policy for infringement. This website is for the easy distribution of free sequences created by, and for the community. We have a single strike rule – any infringing sequences will result in a permanent ban of the user, and all of their sequences being removed from the site. If you suspect a sequence of infringing, please email us: and we will address it immediately.